Sunbeamtech Quarterback Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-15-2007
Provided by: Sunbeamtech

The side panel is held in place with two thumbscrews at the rear and the window is fastened with typical rivet-style fasteners. The 120mm blue LED fan has a clear housing and molded silver three-pin power wire that blends in well. Included with the fan is a 3-to-4 pin adapter, although you lose the fan speed signal wire by using it. The rest of the case interior is painted gray steel with rounded edges to help protect from cuts and scrapes. You might notice a package of Tuniq thermal paste lying inside the case. Tuniq is a subsidiary of Sunbeamtech and this was included as a separate item. It will be featured in a future review and does not normally come with the Quarterback case.

The accessory box contains three sets of hard drive rails, various screws and other mounting hardware, rubber case feet and an instruction manual. The manual is actually quite detailed and includes pictures showing each step of hardware installation. The English translation isn't quite perfect and every sentence begins with the word "please", but otherwise it's easy to follow and fairly straight-forward.

The front panel wiring consists of a USB and audio jumpers and the usual power/reset switch, speaker and power/hard drive light connections. Also notice that each of the other three fans used inside the case have the same molded silver wiring with 3-to-4 pin adapters. Although these fans are also clear they are not LED lit like the side panel one. The motherboard tray has holes to support multiple board layouts and each is labeled as to its use. The riser slots feature replaceable snap-out blanks and tool-less plastic hold-down clips.

At the bottom front panel there is space to install another 120mm fan, not included. The hard drive cage is removable via two screws at the back and two underneath, and must be pulled out in order to install a fan. There is only room for three 3" drives in the cage, with space for another two external above. Rails are included for the hard drives and the external bays use a sliding clip mechanism to lock hardware in place. The upper five 5" bays use the same tool-less mounting system.

The back side of the case is fairly plain. There are no holes in the motherboard tray where wires can be run, other than where the tab is folded down to support the power supply, and the top front of the tray is solidly connected to the upper bays. The lower portion is open however and can be used to hide wiring. The really unique feature of the Quarterback case is this center support bar and core-fan design that Sunbeamtech has come up with.

The bar is held in place by two screws on the bottom of the case and one at the top. There are two different mounting locations to allow for about an inch of movement front-to-rear. The bar has numerous mounting locations for Sunbeamtech's core-fans which provide additional cooling directly to components such as the processor and video card. The fans can be mounted on either side of the bar to allow for even more flexibility where clearance may be an issue. The fans come with grills installed to help keep wiring from getting snagged by the rotating blades.

Next up, installation.

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