Sunbeamtech Quarterback Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-15-2007
Provided by: Sunbeamtech

It wasn't until about two years ago that I began to really pay attention to what my PC looked like. Prior to that I didn't take an interest in making my computer more aesthetically pleasing. In fact, as recently as five years ago I was still using a standard beige "breadbox". At some point case manufacturers started to notice what people were doing to modify the appearance of their products and began to offer cases in different colors, shapes/styles and even with lights. Since then these "pre-modded" cases have become more and more popular and it is now quite common to find a wide variety of options available even at the bargain end of the market.

Sunbeamtech has been manufacturing computer cases and case accessories, power supplies and cooling products since 2000 and has been a pioneer in case development and design. Their stated mission is "to satisfy PC players all over the world who are tired of boring traditional computer impressions and longing for experiencing the excitements of revolutionary hardware designs". That is a bold statement to make considering how flooded the market has become. It is getting much harder for case manufacturers to continue to come up with truly "revolutionary" designs when there is so much competition. But today Sunbeamtech sent over one of their latest chassis products for review that looks to offer something a little different.

This case they have dubbed the Quarterback, and with the silver horizontal bars across the front panel it does sort of resemble a football player's helmet face mask. It comes shipped in a relatively plain white box with a black-and-white image of the case on the side. The specifications can also be found on one end. With dimensions around 17" tall x 8" wide x 18" deep it is about average for a mid-tower size, if a little on the small side. Weight is listed at 7.7kg or about 17 pounds and although the box indicates this model comes with a power supply, none was included as received. Typical styrofoam caps keep the ends and corners of the case safe during shipping and the side window is covered with a protective plastic sheet.

Continue for a closer look at the Sunbeamtech Quarterback.

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