Kingwin Revolution Heatpipe Direct Touch RVT-12025 CPU Cooler
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-28-2008
Provided by: Kingwin Inc

As I mentioned earlier, the Q6600 is a fairly cool running processor. To better test the performance of the cooler, besides running a 3.09 GHz overclock, I crank up the VCORE to 1.5v, instead of the 1.2-1.3 I normally would use for such an overclock. This puts my idle temps with a typical 92mm cooler at this overclock in the 45C range, instead of the normal 39C.

Ambient room temperature for the testing is 72F. Keep in mind that room temperature in a well ventilated case makes a lot of difference in your CPU temp.

Comparison is with the Kingwin RVT-9225. I see no need to compare with the stock cooler, as I would never attempt using one for this overclock, and definitely not with the VCORE as high as I have it. Load temps are attained by using SiSoft Sandra Burn-in, Processor Arithmetic, which is the only software I have found so far that maxes out the Q6600.

I'm not going to bother with temps at stock CPU clock. The 92mm cooler keeps them at under 30C idle, and under 40C load, and I'm sure that the 120mm cooler will improve on that but not by that much.

Compared to the 92mm cooler, the 12025 performed about as I expected, an 8C-9C drop in temps. The temps were pretty erratic, as is common in the first few hours after applying fresh AS5, so I watched them for a while and took an average.

I guess I should note here that with the two exposed heatpipe coolers I have previously reviewed, I did not see the 4C-5C drop in temps that I always have seen before after the 200 or so hours that AS5 takes to cure. Maybe 1C, 2C at the most. I assume that the irregularity in the surface of the cooler base causes that.

Just to see, I disabled Q-Fan, the Intel driver that controls CPU fan speed. The fan jumped from a totally silent 930rpm to a not loud but audible 1430rpm. Idle temp dropped 2C, and load temp dropped 1C… not really enough to be worth the extra noise.

Just to note, for the past few weeks, I have been running a 92mm cooler that had no provisions for blowing air towards the motherboard. The “spoiler” on the 12025 dropped my NB temps by 7C.

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