Rosewill Xtreme Series RS850-S-B 850 Watt Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-07-2007
Provided by: Rosewill
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A Closer Look

Here is the Rosewill RX850-S-B 850 Watt PSU. I wasn't mistaken, it isn't modular, the cabling was protected in a separate box. It will be a little different, it has been a while since I've had a PSU that wasn't modular. The PSU is standard ATX-sized.

Rosewill also offers the RX850-D-B model. I can't tell that there is any difference from this one, with the exception of having two 80mm fans as opposed to a single 135mm fan. Of course, I'd rather have the large single fan. They also have a pair of 950 watt models.

Not being modular, there is a huge wad of long cables protruding from the front of the PSU. They are sleeved in black mesh; I'll get to them in a bit. The PSU is in a flawless mirror-finished gunmetal colored powdercoat. It is quite shiny.

Here is something a little different that I really like. The openings in the rear of the PSU are protected by a large-meshed screen. I don't know that I have ever seen a power supply with this. For some reason, I think that it has a cool look.

As I mentioned, the cables are sleeved in shiny black mesh nylon. They are well-finished on the ends with heavy heatshrink tubing. It appears that the cables are plenty long enough to use this PSU in a full tower. There are enough connectors here to take care of most rigs; six SATA connectors, six 4-pin Molex, a pair of floppy and both a 4-pin and 8-pin ATX +12v.

There are four PCI-E cables to accommodate a pair of 8800 cards in SLI. Each cable is marked according to its rail, +12v1 and +12v2. This is quite cool, to ensure that each card will be on its own +12v rail. I personally have not seen a PSU labeled like this, though I'm sure there could be others out there. This is the kind of attention to detail I am talking about.

Of course, since this PSU isn't modular, use of smaller video cards, not in SLI, means that there are three other cables you have to hide somewhere, along with whatever other extra cables you don't use.

As you can see on the specifications tag, the RS850-S-B sports four 20A +12v rails. Though it isn't SLI Certified by nVidia, this qualifies the PSU for what Rosewill advertises on their website, a pair of 8800GTSs.

Not that it matters to me, this label will be showing when the PSU is installed. In the past, all PSUs did, but more recently, some companies put the label on the opposite side, to show off the PSU's finish.

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