Roccat Kova & Kone Gaming Mice
Author: Michael O'Neill
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-11-2011
Provided by: Roccat
Kone Overview / Install

The Kone is the bigger brother of the Kova and the first thing you will notice is the mouse is not lefty friendly. It is ergonomically designed for those who use mice with their right hand. The mouse is quite comfortable to hold and is larger than the Kova. Some of the other included accessories that come with the mouse are a driver software CD, custom mouse weights and a case for them, a quick start guide, a promotional pamphlet, and a Roccat ID card. Like the Kova, availability in the US seems limited, though there are a few more shops selling this mouse. Prices also varied wildly, but the average price was around $100 USD, coming in on the higher end of most gaming mice.

Physically, the mouse has forward and back buttons, standard left and right click buttons, a scroll wheel with both vertical and horizontal scroll as well as a clickable button, DPI up/down buttons and a menu button towards the top of the mouse. Similar to the Kova, the scroll wheel has a tactical clicking action when you scroll up or down. The customizable weight system allows you to change weighted disks on the bottom of the mouse with options for 5, 10, 15, and 20 grams. Interestingly, the weighted disks have electrical contacts so the mouse is able to tell what weight is installed. It is unclear what functionality if any this gives the mouse as there is no real information on it in the mouse software (more on that later).

The unit is also loaded with LED lights that give a gentle and attractive glow to the mouse. These LEDs are probably the most customizable LEDs on any computer peripheral I've used. You can change colors and effects specific to each of the five LEDs present on the mouse. Overall the cosmetics of the mouse are excellent and it feels really good in your hand as well.

Let's move ahead and cover installation and have a look at the bundled software.

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