Rosewill Slim Wireless Keyboard Laser Mouse RKM-1600RF
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-26-2010
Provided by: Rosewill

The Rosewill RKM-1600RF is a great wireless keyboard and mouse set with a quality feel and good looks. It is very easy to set up and has outstanding wireless performance, even in interference-prone environments. The power save functionality turns off the devices when not in use and only takes a single key press or slight movement of the mouse to resume operation. Both keyboard and mouse have a low battery indicator light as well. While not programmable, the multimedia keys are useful for audio or video playback, if you're using the set with an HTPC for example. And the slim profile keyboard and small sized mouse are not too bulky to use even if you're sitting on the couch or floor. The keyboard fits comfortably in your lap and the mouse laser pickup worked on every surface I tried it on.

That being said, I found it a bit difficult to adapt myself to the difference in hardware. While I do occasionally use a laptop and don't mind the feel of the keys, I am far more used to a standard keyboard and found myself getting quite a few repeat characters. This problem was further exasperated by the small backspace key and placement of the backslash, another format I am not used to. But by far my biggest dislike about the Rosewill set is the tiny size mouse. It fits into the cup of my hand, leaving my fingers and heel dragging on the desk. The buttons and wheel are far too sensitive for my taste, the side buttons functionality is reversed, and the size and weight make it seem more like I'm using a child's toy. In fact I gave it to my seven year old to use and he just loves it, it fits his hand perfectly.

The RKM-1600RF retails for $60 which puts it right about the middle of the road for RF wireless, laser mouse keyboard sets. There are ones with a lot more features like extra programmable buttons, ergonomic keyboard layout and rechargeable batteries, that obviously cost more. But there are also quite a few sets that have similar or slightly lower specs that are available for a lot less. I couldn't find a cheaper wireless set with a USB receiver nearly as tiny as the Rosewill unit, and not too many that boasted up to 1600dpi laser tracking, so if those aspects are important to you then the RKM-1600RF may be well worth the price. But if you're willing to settle for a slightly bigger receiver and regular optical mouse, Rosewill's own RKM-800RF for example gives you the same RF wireless performance in a set that costs $20 less.

In all fairness I can't deduct points for the issues I had with the key layout or mouse buttons, since every person will have different preferences. But I honestly think the price may be a bit on the high side for the lack of some features like programmable buttons or even just more than the five multimedia keys included, plus I can't see too many people being happy with the size of the mouse. awards the Rosewill RKM-1600RF our Silver Seal of Approval.

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