RevolTec Gaming Gear
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 03-30-2007
Provided by: RevolTec
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First up we have the Gamepad Precision Basic. The Basic is more along the lines of what I would consider a "standard" mousepad. It has a gel-like feel and is very flexible. The pad takes on a rectangular shape and is solid black except for the RevolTec logo in the lower right corner. The backside should provide plenty of grip on your table/desk.

Next up we have the Gamepad Precision Advanced. This pad seems much larger than the Basic but in reality it only offers slightly more real estate. This is due to the fact that it is a solid rectangle and not cut into an 'odd' shape. The RevolTec logo is placed in the same position as it was on the Basic. The pad has a solid feel and the thickness is half that of the Basic. The underside has a water-like look to it and is very grippy.

The last pad of the group is the Gamepad Precision Pro. The Pro version comes in a padded carrying case. Inside the foam-lined case we find the Pro pad. The Pro pad has a rubber base and the pad is inserted into the grooves on the base. The pad has two sides: High Sense and Low Sense. High Sense is smoother and offers less resistance while Low Sense has a slight textured feel to it. The base of the Pro pad also has a built-in wrist rest, something you don't normally see on a mousepad.

Next up we take a look at the included software for the FightMouse and FightBoard...

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