RevolTec Gaming Gear
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 03-30-2007
Provided by: RevolTec
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Next up we have the RevolTec FightMouse Advanced gaming mouse. Included with the mouse is a driver disc, installation manual, a set of weights and a small pouch. The pouch is used to store the mouse when you are transporting it. It adds a nice touch but I don't think I would ever use something like this.

The FightMouse Advanced is a pretty large mouse, although it may not look that way from the photos. We have the standard left and right mouse click buttons, with a clickable scroll wheel between the two. Another button rests just behind the scroll wheel that is used to adjust DPI settings. Two more buttons are present on the left side of the mouse and are well within reach of your thumb. As you can see, the majority of the mouse has a glossy carbon fiber look, while the left and right sides use a grippy, textured rubber material.

The bottom of the FightMouse Advanced has three large Teflon-style feet. A 2000 DPI laser sits near the center of the mouse. The entire lower area of the mouse has a frosted plastic coating. A series of blue LEDs rest behind the frosted plastic which gives off a nice effect when in use. Next, you see the three weights that come with the mouse; 10g, 15g and 20g. To install a weight, simply slide off the top cover of the mouse and insert the weight of your choice, then replace the cover.

The Precision Basic, Advanced and Pro mousepads are just ahead...

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