OCZ RevoDrive PCI-E Solid State Drive
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 11-15-2010
Provided by: OCZ Technology

As a hardware enthusiast, it's hard not to get excited about new and emerging technologies. Every time a new processor or graphics card hits the market, I find myself reading reviews to see how much improvement has been made over previous generation hardware. Despite the product, I almost always come to the same conclusion, “Yeah, it's faster, but nothing groundbreaking”.

In just a couple of years, solid state drive technology has totally changed the way enthusiasts look at performance storage solutions. SSDs are replacing HDDs as the operating system drive, effectively demoting the slower spinning medium to slave duty as storage drives. I've been working with computers for over a decade and can't recall a more exciting or revolutionary product category. The emergence of the LCD monitor was pretty sweet, but more from a convenience standpoint.

OCZ Technology is one of the leaders in the push for solid state drive supremacy. They jumped on the bandwagon early on and have helped to lead the charge ever since. While other companies have taken the safe road, OCZ is constantly exploring alternative options in nearly every segment of their business. While not always successful endeavors (Cryo-Z Phase Change CPU Cooler, Neural Impulse Actuator), some of their outside-the-box thinking certainly has merit. One such push has been using the PCI-E bus instead of SATA for storage solutions.

The idea of storage over an expansion slot isn't new, as RAM-based hard drives have been around for several years, although popularity has been virtually non-existent and prices were astronomical. OCZ has rejuvenated this idea recently with the release of their Z-Drives and RevoDrive PCI-Express solid state drives. Today we will be taking a look at the latter to see if it's a better option than a traditional 2.5” SSD for desktop environments.

The RevoDrive arrived in the black retail package shown above. The front of the box is pretty plain with just the product name and a few features listed. On the reverse is a photo of the RevoDrive along with a more detailed explanation and a specifications sticker. Below is a list of features borrowed from OCZ's website.

Let’s move ahead and take a closer look at the OCZ RevoDrive PCI-e SSD.

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