iSkin revo & revoClip for Apple iPhone
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 02-18-2008
Provided by: iSkin
Privacy Film

Before installing my phone in the revo, I first needed to install the included privacy screen film. First, ensure that the screen surface of your iPhone is free of any dust, fingerprints or oils from your face. Now, peel away the cling on Side A of the film, center it and apply it to your iPhone screen, starting from one end and gently rubbing as you go to remove any air pockets as the film attaches. The film doesn't use adhesives, so don't worry if you didn't center it perfectly; you can simply remove and reapply as necessary.

Once you have the film in place, remove Side B of the film and you are done.

The included camera lens screen protector appears to be a replacement for the screen protector that is already built into the revo case, so there was no point in "installing" this accessory.

Next up, we install the iPhone in the revo and check out the revoClip holster.

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