Zalman ZM-RF1 Reserator Fan Kit
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-19-2006
Provided by: Zalman
Closer Look

The major components of the ZM-RF1 kit are:

1. Duct Assembly
- Dimensions: 163.5(L) X 163.5(W) X 190(H)mm
- Materials: Poly Carbonate (Duct, Fan Support), ABS Polymer (Grill)
- Weight: 334g

2. Fan
- Dimensions: 140(L) X 140(W) X 25(H)mm
- Bearing Type: 2-Ball Bearing
- Rotation Speed: 800rpm (Silent Mode), 1800rpm (Normal Mode)
- Noise Level: 20dB (Silent Mode), 32dB (Normal Mode)
- Operating Voltage: 5V/0.1A ~ 12V/0.4A
- Power Consumption: 5W or lower

(Fan Speed Controller)
- Dimensions: 70(L) X 26(W) X 26(H)mm
- Output Voltage: 5V ~ 11V
- Power Consumption: 6W or lower

Full system specifications can be found on Zalman's website.

The retail box shows pictures of the system in use and installation diagrams. Note that they claim a 5-11 C reduction in operating temperatures (depending on fan speed setting); quite a significant amount!

The other side details the features and specifications of the fan kit.

The kit contains the ZM-RF1 fan duct itself, a bag of accessories and a user manual.

At the heart of the ZM-RF1 is this extra-large 140mm quiet LED fan. The blades have been molded from clear plastic, just like the rest of the housing.

The user manual is a single fold-out sheet comprised of multiple language sections. The English portion takes up only four small panels, however there's really not much to cover that hasn't already been detailed on the box or website.

The small bag contains one of Zalman's Fan Mate adjustable fan speed controllers, double-sided tape, cable and wire management clips and a Zalman case sticker.

Now let's take a look at installation.

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