Rosewill RCX-V100 VGA Cooler
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-29-2008
Provided by: Rosewill
The Cooler

The RCX-V100 comes in a very professional looking black box with a matte finish. On the front, we get a sneak peak at the nickel-plated copper heatpipes and some icons describing features. On the back, we find more features, this time written out, and some diagrams showing how different fans can be placed on the cooler.

Inside the box, we find a gigantic cooler packaged neatly in soft foam. Underneath the cooler are some detailed measurements detailing exactly how hard it will be to shove this thing into your case. Included with the cooler you'll find a single application of thermal paste, 11 memory heatsinks with thermal tape, mounting hardware, and a poorly translated manual.

As we said before, this thing is huge. The RCX-V100 has a very clean design, with four long heatpipes and spread out fins for a low airflow setup. On top of the cooler is a mounting bracket for fans, where you can either have a single 120mm fan, or, if you unscrew and rotate the bracket, dual 80mm fans. On the bottom, we find the base nicely protected with tape.

The construction of the cooler is top-notch all around. All of the joints in the heatpipes are kink-free, and they all connect nicely with their heat-dissipating fins. The base is especially well finished, with only a little distortion around the edges.

Getting the wax-paper off of the memory heatsink thermal tape was an adventure. It took quite a bit of convincing, but the tape stuck well, which is more than many other coolers can say. Otherwise, installing the cooler is a breeze, and it has a well designed mounting system similar to those found on Zalman coolers. This thing is, indeed, gigantic, and may cause problems installing in regular mid-tower cases. It looks like there's some wasted space towards the backplate of the card and a lot of extra length.

So far, everything looks great. Testing and conclusions are just ahead…

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