Razer Lachesis 4000dpi Gaming Mouse
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-17-2008
Provided by: Razer
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The Lachesis

The Lachesis comes in a flashy box typical to Razer products. The front of the box flips open to give you a preview of the mouse, while the back showcases the mouse's features in a variety of languages. The various phrases and slogans on the packaging alone tell us that Razer is more than ever gearing this mouse towards the gaming market.

With the mouse comes a variety of “goodies” including stickers, a certificate of authenticity, a Razer product pamphlet, a manual with CD, a quick-start guide, a statement of warranty, and… oh yeah, and the Lachesis itself with a gold-plated USB connector and a 7 foot cord.

The Lachesis has a matte black finish and has a symmetrical, ambidextrous design with nine programmable keys. There are the two dpi-swapping keys, four side keys (two on either side), the two normal clickers and the mouse-wheel button. At default settings, the two left side keys are back and forward browsing buttons, and the two right side keys are profile switching keys. On the bottom you'll find the Razer 3G sensor, which is the heart of the beast with the whopping 4000dpi. Also on the bottom are the three large “Zero-acoustic UltraslickTM Teflon” feet and the profile button. As you can see, the side buttons are pretty big which should make for easier use.

I always liked the size of my Logitech G7 wireless mouse, and until I put the two mice next to each other, the Lachesis always seemed much bigger. As you can see, though, they're pretty much the same size. The Lachesis is much flatter than the G7, but it is also slightly longer.

The scroll wheel and Razer logo light up on the Lachesis. Razer sent us the banshee blue version, but a phantom white glow is also available for purchase. The scroll wheel keeps a pleasant solid glow, but the logo pulses slowly, which I thought to be a little obnoxious. You can turn either or both lights off in the software control panel, but you can't make the logo glow constantly: it's either pulse or off. Continue as we take a look at the software that comes with the Razer Lachesis.

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