Razer Lachesis 4000dpi Gaming Mouse
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-17-2008
Provided by: Razer
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I'm a gamer. I figure you probably are too. I don't play a whole host of games, but I'm pretty big into Counter-Strike: Source. One of the most common complaints I hear on any server, behind lag and hacks, is that of a bad mouse. Though it is most often the case that people are just making excuses, such a complaint is a legitimate one at a higher level of play. If a mouse is inconsistent or has a low DPI, a good player notices immediately.

As the gaming industry has expanded over the past few years, gaming peripherals (specifically gaming mice) have become increasingly popular. While a variety of new companies are now fighting for the limelight, Razer is commonly recognized as the company that was there when it all began. Even way back in the days of Rainbow Six (you know, the original one), the best players were fanatically using spray painted panes of glass for mouse pads and going out and buying the hottest new Razer mouse.

Today we're going to have a look at Razer's most recent mouse, the Lachesis. Weighing in at 4000dpi with a 1000MHz polling rate, this mouse is sure to be an absolute beast. But, does a 4000dpi sensor provide noticeable improvement, and will Razer stay true to their well-earned reputation? Read on as we find out.


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