Raidmax Skyline Case
Author: Connan Schafstall
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-08-2010
Provided by: Raidmax

When I loosened the thumb screws and took off the side panel, I noticed that the paint was a bit uneven and gave a haphazard feel to the detail work on this case. The removal of the door itself was a little tricky because the handle designed into the door was sharp. That is one place that should be safe to pull.

Beginning the installation of the basic essentials, I started with the tool-less install of the optical drive. Once it was clipped in using the supplied fasteners, I noticed that the drive would not line up with the rest of the bay covers on the front of the case. Definitely a design flaw, as the mounting dimensions of an optical drive should be universally alike.

Next was the install of the hard drive which was a snap with the supplied rails for more tool-less installation. My complaint here is that nowhere on the mounts nor the hard drive cage were there any sort of bushings or rubber buffers to help deaden sound.

Lastly was the installation of the motherboard and power supply. These two went in without a hitch, as the Skyline has a fair amount of room on the interior within which to work. Although the Skyline proved to have plenty of cooling, the model supplied was lacking in all of the basic sound-deadening tech that we tend to see in even the least expensive of cases.

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