Raidmax Skyline Case
Author: Connan Schafstall
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-08-2010
Provided by: Raidmax

In the world of PC customization there are a wide range of products to choose from when looking to house your computing hardware. Some are expensive and high quality, while others are expensive and not worth their weight in tin. Others are great bargains and targeted towards the modding community, while some are cheap both in price and materials. Today we look at the Raidmax Skyline and decide which of these categories it falls into!

The Raidmax Skyline comes housed in a full-color box with packing materials sufficient for transport. The photos on the box feature the blue/silver themed Skyline on one side and the red/black themed version on the opposite. Note that there are four variations of this case: red/black windowed, blue/silver windowed, red/black silent (windowless) and blue/silver silent (windowless). Inside is the case (windowed blue/silver) and the mounting accessories and user's manual. Specifications for the Raidmax Skyline can be found below.

External Drive Bays: 5 x 5.25", 1 x 3.5"
Internal Drive Bays: 3 x 3.5" H.D.
System Board: 10 x 12 max size ATX form factor / micro ATX
Expansion slots: Standard ATX 7 slots
Dimensions: 19.50" x 8.00" x 18.50"
Fans: 80mm side, 2x120mm top, 1x120mm rear, 1x120 front

* Stylish front panel with brushed aluminum pad
* Four included fans
* Side panel window
* Top mounted I/O ports

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