Logitech Pure-Fi Dream
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 09-09-2009
Provided by: Logitech
Closer Look

The top of the Pure-Fi Dream contains all of the system controls and other features. From left to right, we find buttons to select between auxiliary, AM, FM and iPod inputs as well as a dial to adjust volume. The power button is in the center of the volume dial.

In the center area we find an ambient light sensor, alarm 1 button, time set button, alarm 2 button, a motion sensor and a large snooze button.

On the far right we have presets 1-6 and another dial used to tune radio stations or change iPod tracks. The button in the middle here is the select button used to change what is displayed on the LCD screen and access the advanced menu. The menu allows you to adjust the following settings: bass level, treble level, brightness, button backlights, snooze timer, motion sensor, clock format and language. The presets can be programmed to specific radio stations or even preset playlists.

All of the white lettering you see has an orange backlight which is activated simply by waving your hand over the motion sensor or when you press a button. The ambient light sensor detects the level of light in the room and adjusts the backlight and LCD display accordingly.

The remote control also features backlit keys and offers all of the functionality of the on-dock buttons as well as a button for StereoXL. StereoXL is a proprietary feature that widens the sound stage beyond the physical boundaries of the speakers. More on this in a bit.

The only complaint I have with the remote is the battery cover on the back isn't held in place firmly and has some wiggle room to it.

Some may complain that the AC adapter is too large. True, it is pretty big, but who really cares? It will be out of sight behind your nightstand or bed anyway. I'd rather have the adapter in-line like this than have a large brick on the plug end that takes up additional power sockets on my surge protector.

That about wraps up the tour. Continue ahead as we put the Dream to the test.

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