Logitech Pure-Fi Dream
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 09-09-2009
Provided by: Logitech
First Look

Included in the retail package is the Pure-Fi Dream system, user guide, quick start guide, 9V battery, two AAA batteries, 12 universal dock adapters, AC adapter and remote control.

As you can see, the dock looks very sleek and elegant. The front of the dock features large fabric-covered speakers on either side of the unit. The actual dock is centrally-located with shuffle and repeat buttons flanking either side of the connector. Below the dock connector is an LCD screen that is used to display various information such as time, song titles, etc. Directly to the left of the screen you can see the remote IR sensor. As one of my pet peeves, I couldn't help but notice the printed Logitech name and logo were slightly crooked.

Around back we find a relatively simple design. There is an auxiliary input jack as well as a fixed power cable that doubles as the AM/FM antenna which Logitech suggests you extend as much as possible for best reception. The bottom of the dock has four large non-slip feet as well as a battery compartment for the 9V battery. This battery serves as a backup in the event your power goes out overnight, thus ensuring your alarm will still function.

Move ahead as we continue our tour of the Pure-Fi Dream...

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