TekNmotion Pulsar SX PC Gaming Headphones
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 06-23-2008
Provided by: TeknMotion
First Look

Inside the retail package, we find a User Manual, a precut Velcro strip, detachable microphone, a bundle of cables and the headset itself. The cable bundle consists of a USB cable, microphone cable, audio cable and a USB battery pack. More on these items in a bit.

Here we have the detachable microphone. The mic is extremely flexible and has a nice foam cover on one end and a gold connector on the other. This is the first detachable mic headset that I have had the pleasure of working with, and am curious to see how well it works.

Before I get to the actual headset, I want to take a moment and show the inline master control system. The face of the control system has two LEDs: Vibe On and USB On. Directly above these LEDs is a Mic Mute button. On the left side of the control box is the USB / STD switch, which allows you to select between USB connectivity or the regular 3.5mm headphone jack system. On the right side, we find the volume adjustment, vibration adjustment and a three-position switch: 1, 2 and 3. This switch adjusts the earmuff lights and / or vibration. Position 1 - lights off, vibration off. Position 2 - lights on, vibration on. Position 3 - lights off, vibration on. On the backside of the control module is a belt clip.

One thing I did find odd here was the orientation of the volume and vibration adjustment wheel. These seem to be "backwards"; you would think scrolling the wheel "up" would increase the volume, and "down" would decrease, but it is the exact opposite, which took some time to get use to.

Finally, we have the multi-connect box at the end of the cable from the headset. Here, you can decide if you want to use the standard 3.5mm connections or the USB format to connect the headset to your system. USB mode is required if you want to use the Virtual 7.1 Sound (in conjunction with the included C-Media 7.1 Software). If you wish to use the lights and vibration features, you will either need to use USB or the included battery pack, which is needed to supply power if you are using the standard 3.5mm connection method.

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