Silverstone Precision PS07 Micro-ATX Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-03-2012
Provided by: Silverstone

As mentioned previously, the PS07 uses a BTX-style format, with interior access provided from the right side of the case. The layout is otherwise pretty standard, with a one-piece set of rails at the top for mounting 5" drives and power supply, and removable 3" hard drive cage at the bottom. The accessory kit includes an adapter for the front panel to convert the USB 3.0 header into a USB 2.0 compatible, rails to mount a 3" drive in one of the 5" bays, a 3" front filler panel, mounting and cable management hardware, case sticker and user manual. There is also an adhesive-backed pad to be used as a video card rest if needed.

There are two sections to the 3" drive cage, both of which are removable. Each side is lined with foam to assist in vibration/noise dampening. There's no tool-less mounting accommodations to be found anywhere in the PS07; everything will require screws to install. The riser slots feature external access for mounting, with a screwed-on cover to hide the opening.

An oversize opening for CPU socket access dominates the base of the motherboard tray. There are also three large oval cutouts for passing cables through, in addition to the open area in front of the tray. However the bottom of the tray has an angled lip along the front edge, likely to help strengthen and support the metal, which precludes thicker cables from being passed front to rear. The raised plastic section on top of the drive cage provides support for long video cards, and the included foam pad can be installed if more cushion or height is needed. There is also an adjustable height support at the bottom of the case to provide some strain relief for oversize tower CPU coolers.

Now let's get some hardware installed.

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