OCZ Technology ProXStream 1000w Power Supply
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 02-16-2007
Provided by: OCZ Technology
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OCZ Technology has been around for nearly seven years, producing some of the fastest memory modules available. OCZ was the first manufacturer to make Dual Channel optimized memory available to the public and has since expanded their product line to include power supplies, flash media, cooling products, video cards and even computer mice. OCZ even has a phase-change cooling system in the works, although the release date has been pushed backed due to manufacturing delays. Anyway, today we will be looking at OCZ's latest power supply, the ProXStream 1000w unit. This power supply is for serious enthusiasts only and will be overkill for 95% of users out there; only hardcore gamers and extreme overclockers need apply. I plan to give this unit all that my newly configured test system can dish out in hopes of seeing how this unit can hold up under a pretty hefty load.

The ProXStream is true to form with OCZ's standard packaging which includes a photo of the unit on the front as well as a features list, power rating and warranty logo. The side of the box gives us a nice breakdown of the power specifications, while the rear gives a bit more detail on some of the PSU's features. Below are the features listed on the front and rear of the box as well as specs taken directly from OCZ's website:

Quiet Operation: PowerWhisper technology diminishes noise to ensure quiet, yet efficient cooling and operation.

Multi-GPU Ready: The durable and powerful ProXStream is equipped to fuel the demands of quad graphics solutions.

Active PFC: Active PFC circuitry effectively regulates input voltage to deliver superior operation in a wider range of environments and countries with varying voltages.

Superior Cooling: Supreme air cooling system, courtesy of an ultra-quiet yet extremely vigorous 80mm fan.

EMI Isolated Casing: Sleek Titanium-mirrored chassis effectively reduces EMI.

Small Form Factor: High performance core integrated into an ultra-compact form factor making it much more compatible with cases than the competition.

Simply Powerful: The Multi-GPU Ready ProXStream 1000 Watt power supply is designed specifically for the most demanding computing environments of PC enthusiasts, high-end system builders, and die-hard gamers. With today's top-of-the-line graphics cards consuming large amounts of energy, the ProXStream delivers reliable voltage to power dual and quad-GPU platforms, as well as all your systems vital components.

Quiet Operation: High performance doesn't have to come with annoying fan noise, and OCZ PowerWhisper technology effectively reduces noise levels to a minimum making the ProXStream among the quietest 1KW power supplies on the market!

"XStream" Cool: Experience leading edge reliability and performance with increased air flow, courtesy of a whisper-quiet yet extremely efficient speed-controlled 80mm fan.

Compact Power: Elite engineering merges the ProXStream's powerful core with an unparalleled compact form factor to accommodate virtually all computer cases, a requisite for system-builders.

OCZ 3 Year Warranty: The greatest PSU comes backed with the finest warranty, and OCZ offers an exclusive 3 year PowerSwap warranty program for unsurpassed peace of mind. No more endless return-for-repair loops!

Technical Support: Just as OCZ Technology is committed to bringing you the best products for your personal computer, we strive to provide the best customer support in the industry. Please feel free to email us at: support@ocztechnology.com

Move ahead as we check out the contents of the ProXStream 1000w and look closely at the PSU itself...

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