NZXT Precise 850w Power Supply
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 03-22-2007
Provided by: NZXT
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Here recently I have had the opportunity to take a look at some very high-end power supplies and put them to the test using my new dedicated test system. The 1KW power supplies I have tested thus far have been fully capable of powering the overclocked 8800GTX SLI without so much as breaking a sweat. I am fully aware that this system does not require 1,000 watts and was pretty anxious to see how a lesser-powered PSU would do, and that is exactly what we will be doing today. NZXT recently released their 850w and 1,000w Precise power supplies to the market. I had the choice of reviewing either model, but decided on the 850w as I feel its price point is more attractive and as I have said before, unless you are running a super high-end system (quad core, quad SLI, phase change / TEC cooling) then 1,000w of power is certainly overkill.

The Precise 850w arrived in a very attractive retail box. The graphic design is simple yet striking at the same time. The power supply is pictured on the front of the box along with a small features list. The left and right sides of the box are identical and go into further detail about the PSU's features. The back of the box has a complete breakdown of the power specifications for the 850w as well as the 1,000w model. A complete list of features and specs can be seen below, borrowed from NZXT's website.

Specs look good across the board, although the 75% efficiency seems a little low compared to the > 80% that most power supplies are spec'ed at these days. The 850w Precise offers a range of standard protection features, including Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection and Short Circuit Protection. Not mentioned in the specs above is the fact that the 850 Precise is a modular power supply. Modular units are great when it comes to eliminating wire clutter, resulting in a neater looking system with better overall air flow. Also missing from the features list is the fact that NZXT backs the 850w Precise with a full three year warranty.

Move ahead as we check out what all is included with our 850 Precise and take a closer look...

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