PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-02-2011
Provided by: PC Power & Cooling
A Closer Look

The Silencer 760 has a relatively smooth black finish that is apparently susceptible to a bit of wear, as our review unit seems to have gotten rubbed in shipping and is missing some paint from the corner. All of the cables exit the front of the power supply in one large bundle, each individually mesh wrapped and zip tied together. The rear of the unit houses the exhaust fan, power receptacle and on/off rocker switch.

The UL File Number E131500 points back to PC Power & Cooling as the manufacturer, however sources tell us this unit, like many of their previous models made under OCZ's ownership, is actually produced by OEM Seasonic. Although indicated on the product packaging and here on the power supply itself, the PPCS760 does not appear on the nVidia SLI-Ready list as of yet, although the Silencer 910 version is.

Unlike most power supplies made today, the Silencer 760 uses a single 80mm exhaust fan located at the rear of the housing, rather than an overhead 120mm or 135mm like the previous Silencer MkII 750. PCP&C had made previous claims that an overhead fan did not allow for proper cooling, as it necessitated reducing the size of the internal heatsinks to a point where heavy loading would overheat them, causing a loss of efficiency and power handling capability. The fan is an ADDA AD0812UB-A71GL 80mm rated for 50cfm at 3900rpm with 41dBA of noise.

Although the fan is only a 2-wire unit, PCP&C incorporates thermal speed control into its electronics to reduce the noise when load allows. Eliminating the large overhead fan does allow for taller heatsinks as shown, however we are left to wonder how effective the smaller fan is at pulling cool air over the sinks through those relatively tiny vents at the front. Here we also see further confirmation of the OEM with the stylized "S" Seasonic logo printed on top of the transformer.

Now let's get the Silencer 760 installed and perform some testing.

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