PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-02-2011
Provided by: PC Power & Cooling

At CES 2011 last month, OCZ showcased some of their latest power supplies along with their storage media and memory. In addition to OCZ's models, also on display were two new PC Power & Cooling units in their high performance Silencer line, simply designated by their wattage rating 760 and 910. Not much has come out of PCP&C since Frank reviewed their Silencer MkII 750 last summer, so it's good to see these hit the marketplace. We have the 760W model here with us for review today.

PC Power & Cooling has always been known for their high quality power supplies, but there have been a small number of changes since OCZ acquired them in 2007. Now PCP&C seems to be getting back to basics with the new Silencer models. Gone is the large 135mm overhead fan and back is the 80mm rear mounted format they used in the pre-OCZ years. Of course there are no modular cables here, everything is hard wired as they have always done. And just like most of the Silencer MkII line, the Silencer 760 boasts an 80Plus Silver certification and impressive seven year warranty.

So really, other than the fan configuration and a hair more wattage, the Silencer 760 appears very similar to last year's MkII 750 model. Could there be any extra surprises hiding under the hood? This is the first PCP&C power supply I've had the opportunity to review, and as I've always heard good things about them I am anxious to find out.

Continue as we unbox the Silencer 760.

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