Ultra Power Partner 325 Watt 5 ¼” Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-04-2007
Provided by: Ultra Components and Technologies

Test Rig:
Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad
Asus P5K Deluxe Wifi-AP
Buffalo Firestix DDR2-8000 2 gig kit
Zotac geForce 8600GTS
OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler
Zalman VF-1000 GPU Cooler
SilverStone KL-01 Case with 1x140mm and 1x120mm fan
1x250 gig Seagate SATA hard drive, 1x160 gig Hitachi SATA hard drive
2 x Lite-on DVD drives
Rosewill 400 watt PSU

When Shawn told me that the Power Partner was coming, I wondered how in the world would I give it a decent test. All of the power supplies I have around the house are plenty powerful enough to power my rig on their own, especially the 850 watt power supply that was in it at the time. Then, it just so happened, a family member's HP died… the extremely cheap 400 watt PSU just quit. I ordered a Rosewill 400 watt PSU and when it arrived it hit me that it would be the perfect thing for the test. Actually, it is of surprisingly high quality, but I figured that there is no way a 400 watt PSU of any quality would power my rig. I was right; my system wouldn't boot all the way up using that PSU.

Installation of the Power Partner couldn't be easier. Turn off your rig and unplug the existing PSU. Slide the Power Partner into an optical drive bay, plug the 20+4 adapter between the motherboard and the existing power supply connector then plug whatever components you have decided to power up to the Power Partner. I am going to power my video card and optical drives with it. The primary PSU should be enough to power my motherboard, fans and hard drives.

The Power Partner brings with it a huge bundle of cables. Wire management will be tough using the Power Partner but if you are really that worried about it, spend another hundred bucks and buy an ~800 watt regular PSU.

I made sure that the I/O switch was on then powered up the rig which booted up just fine. I hooked up my multimeter and found the +5v holds a steady 5v, and the +12v rail holds 11.98v, regardless of what I did to stress it.

Surprisingly, the twin 30mm fans are very quiet. My rig as a whole is pretty quiet, and with the massive venting in the front of my SilverStone KL-01, you can hear everything going on in the case. I really couldn't notice any increase in noise while using the Power Partner.

Something I did think about before starting this review... would the Power Partner raise my case temperature any, considering it is blowing its warm air into the case? Yes, it did. I don't have a sensor to measure case temps, but with my two 120mm fans running slowly on 5v, it raised my CPU temp about 5C, and my NB about 6C or 7C (my Asus board has passive chipset cooling). Speeding my fans up lowered the temperature pretty much back to normal. Maybe the Power Partner fans should be blowing in the other direction?

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