PC Power & Cooling Silencer 500W
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-22-2008
Provided by: PC Power & Cooling
The Unit and Cabling

The Silencer 500W comes in a blank white box, along with: a power cord, screws, a case badge, and a quality assurance test log. The log included details a variety of tests, from ripple to efficiency, all of which the unit passed. On top of the unit, we find a power chart with the same values as we saw in the specs, and on one side there are some quality assurance test stamps.

At the back of the power supply, we find a large grill and the grouping of cables, which we'll have a look at a little later on in this page. The Silencer does not feature any sort of modular cabling, which isn't surprising for such a small unit and the number of cables it came with. On the front side of the Silencer, we find an 80mm exhaust fan, the power switch, and the full range power inlet. One nice feature here is that the power inlet is screwed down so that it won't come loose, a problem that I've seen in far too many units.

The Silencer comes with a 4-pin and an 8-pin CPU power cable and a 24 pin motherboard cable. It was nice of PC Power & Cooling to physically attach the +4 pins to the 20 pin motherboard connector so that you don't have to fumble with attaching them inside the case. If you only have a 20 pin motherboard power inlet, then the extra four pins will hang off the side. Two PCI-express power leads are available, one 6-pin cable and one 6+2-pin cable, which allows for one 6+8-pin card, or two 6-pin cards (though the Silencer 500W does not boast any SLI or Crossfire certification).

The Silencer comes with six SATA connections on two different cords. As you can see in this picture, one SATA cable is slightly longer than the other, which gives more suitable options for routing cables within the case. The first two leads are right-angled, which is nice for fitting onto drives in a small cage. Like the SATA setup, there are six Molex connections, three on each cord, one of which is longer than the other. On the shorter cord, we find a floppy style power connector also. The Silencer also comes with two Molex caps, with the PC Power & Cooling name and phone number on them. It would have been nice to have seen PC Power & Cooling sleeve beyond the first connection in the SATA and Molex cables, but the first leg of cabling is the most important anyway.

Now that we've had a look at the Silencer, let's do some testing.

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