Palit HD 3850 Super +1GB Graphics Card
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-28-2008
Provided by: Palit
First Impressions

Palit's HD 3850 Super +1GB comes in a flashy, multi-textured box with their oddly robotic killer frog. On the back of the box is a blurb on product specifications in nine different languages. Inside, we find a compartmentalized box, with the card in the center box, and accessories in the surrounding areas. Along with the card comes a multi-language manual (the languages you see are only half of those available), a drivers CD, and a Molex to 6-pin PCI-express power converter. There is certainly nothing superfluous here, as Palit opted to provide the bare essentials, great news for those on a budget.

The card itself is not very large, coming in a solid inch shorter than the 3870. The large, dual slot heatsink reaches over the memory chips, bringing them more airflow and keeping them cool. While they could have included small memory heatsinks, this setup should do plenty to get the job done. As with all new generation ATI cards, the 3850 comes with two teeth for CrossfireX bridges, making it easy to combine two or more 3850s, or even run them together with other 3xxx and 4xxx series cards. Around back, we find the standard 6-pin power inlet.

As I mentioned before, there is only one DVI out port, a VGA port, and an HDCP ready HDMI port. Two DVI ports would have been nice, but the HDMI port will be great for those gaming on an LCD TV or the home theater buffs. On the back of the card, we find the extra memory chips which bump the total capacity of the card up from the usual 512MB to 1024MB, or 1GB. Qimonda memory chips were used on this card.

Now that we've had a look at this card, let's see what it can do; testing is just ahead.

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