Ozone Gaming Oxid Headset
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 05-19-2010
Provided by: Ozone Gaming
Closer Look / Control Module

Here we see the adjustable ear cups fully compressed and fully extended. We also discover that each ear cup has a red O3 logo on the outer surface.

As we saw earlier, the top head band features a perforated padding that is very soft and appears to be well-made. The padded ear cups are equally as soft and since they don't rest on your ears, should be very comfortable for extended periods of use. The ear cups are large and circular which should fit over most every ear size.

The Oxid control module is a marked improvement over the one found on the Strato. For one, almost all of the buttons are located on the front face of the module instead of staggered along the side. Although it is a bit hard to see in the photo, buttons are also much more clearly labeled here. The glossy black writing on flat black surface on the Strato simply wasn't a good idea in my opinion.

Buttons on the Oxid are, from left to right: subwoofer, mute, play/pause, Smart Button that includes volume / track control and application launch and a mic on/off switch. There is also an I/O LED that remains lit green when the headphones are plugged in. The control module is inline and resides 2' down from the headset which seems to be an ideal distance.

Since there is no software available or needed for the Oxid, we will just continue right into usage on the next page.

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