Ozone Gaming Oxid Headset
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 05-19-2010
Provided by: Ozone Gaming

Less than two months ago I had the opportunity to check out the Strato 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones from Ozone Gaming. If you happened to read that review, you already know that the Strato performed pretty well in every aspect except perhaps the most important: comfort. The Strato headphones use on-ear ear cups which put pressure on the pinna (outer ear) that causes discomfort even after moderate use.

After our review, Ozone agreed to send over a different gaming headset for evaluation, the Ozone Oxid. The Oxid are a bit different than the Strato in multiple categories but perhaps the most important is the ear cup design as these use over-the-ear cups. If the Oxid is indeed more comfortable than the Strato and scores high in some of the same areas the Strato did, this could prove to be a quality headset. Read on as we put them to the test.

The Oxid arrived in similar black and red retail packaging like the Strato. There is a large photo of the headset on the front along with a Rev. 2 sticker. The front panel of the box opens up to reveal the actual headphones inside. On the back of the box is a diagram pointing out some of the headset's features as well as list of features in multiple languages. I have reproduced the tech specifications from Ozone's website below.

Let's move ahead and take a closer look at the Oxid headset from Ozone Gaming.

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