OtterBox Reflex Series for iPhone 4
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 04-26-2011
Provided by: OtterBox
Usage / Conclusion

I've been using the OtterBox Reflex to protect my iPhone 4 for a few weeks and have a good bit of feedback to share about the journey thus far.

Starting with aesthetics, the Reflex is a pretty slim case - nothing near as bulky as say, a Defender series case. The overall design and cutouts / button layout works just fine, but the lack of a cutout for the Apple logo will surely discourage those who consider their iPhone a status symbol / fashion accessory. It sounds silly, but we all know it's true.

My only other complaint with the aesthetics is that the split down the middle of the case where the two parts connect makes it look cheaper and feel less sturdy than it is.

I do like how the backside and the edges of the case are smooth. This makes inserting and removing from a pocket much easier.

Looks aside, the case is in turn more functional than previous OtterBox for iPhone offerings due to this two-part design. You can easily remove the bottom half of the case and dock the iPhone in a music player. This doesn't particularly appeal to me as I don't use such a device with my iPhone, but many of you do.

Also, when the two pieces are connected together on your phone, there is still a little bit of "play" between the two pieces. This leads you to believe that they may separate easily but it does require a little bit of force to pull the two apart. During my few weeks of testing, I never had the two parts separate on me (for example, when pulling the phone from my pocket).

On the protection side of things, I really like the Reflex design and it does work. I'm generally very careful with my phone and have only ever dropped it once in nearly 4 years (it fell out of my pocket as I was getting in a car). But just a few days ago, I was at Wal-Mart and sure enough, I dropped my iPhone 4 from about 3-4' directly onto the hard floor. It bounced on its side before coming to a rest face down. The case didn't separate where the two pieces connect as I had feared.

I mentioned to a friend that was with me how I hoped the OtterBox had done its job. Sure enough, the phone was totally fine; no dents, dings, cracks or any other visible damage. Had I been using my Apple Bumper which was installed on the phone before this review, things could have turned out much differently.

I am a little concerned about how the locking connector for the two parts will hold up over time if you frequently remove the bottom portion for docking purposes.

The OtterBox Reflex for iPhone 4 has an MSRP of $44.95 which is $5 cheaper than the Defender but a full $10 more expensive than the Commuter. Of course, I was able to find the case for under $30 on Amazon which is a much better deal.

If you are looking for a serious case to protect your iPhone 4 but maybe the Defender series is a bit too large, the Reflex will likely be your next best bet... that is, if the split design (a benefit for some, not so much for others) and the lack of a cutout for the Apple logo don't bother you. awards the OtterBox Reflex for iPhone 4 our Gold Seal of Approval!

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