OtterBox Commuter Series for iPad
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 12-08-2010
Provided by: OtterBox
Findings / Conclusion

The Commuter Series for iPad is really not much different from cases that OtterBox sells for the iPhone and other mobile devices - just on a larger scale. You still get a great case that offers multiple layers of protection at a reasonable price.

Installation of the Commuter series is nearly identical to the iPhone version. Install the silicon skin first then snap the hard outer shell into place. It may take a minute or two to get the outer shell on just right, but once in place, its solid and isn't coming off unless you want it to.

Much like those before it, the included screen protector is a bit disappointing. Unless you can install it in a perfectly clean environment, odds are you will end up with some sort of lint or speck of dirt on the sticky side which will result in an air bubble when installed. Despite my best attempts, my installation resulted in 3-4 of these specs, but fortunately only one was on the actual iPad screen. The others were on the black bezel and thus, not terribly visible.

I'm not really sure what OtterBox could do to remedy this besides going with a different vendor for their screen protectors. If a few tiny bubbles bother you like they do me, you can always pick up a Zagg Invisible Shield. These screen protectors are installed using a liquid based solution and can be reinstalled and cleaned.

I like the fact that OtterBox allows you to still dock the iPad even with the case via the docking access port. The panel slides on and off easy enough but it does feel a little flimsy when it is installed. You can squeeze it and there is a good bit of flexibility in the cover. It's not a deal breaker, but it's worth mentioning and I'd like to see OtterBox try and revise this in future models.

As with all OtterBox cases, this one will add a little extra weight and thickness to the iPad. For those that love the sleekness of the iPad, this unfortunately is something that you will have to give up in order to protect the device. There's really no way around it.

The OtterBox Commuter Series for iPad retails for $64.95 via OtterBox's website. This is about double what they charge for a mobile phone case, but then again the iPad is more than double the size and price of most phones, so I'm alright with the asking price. has awarded the OtterBox for iPad our Silver Seal of Approval.

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