OtterBox Commuter and Defender for iPhone 5
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 01-21-2013
Provided by: OtterBox

OtterBox is a name that you can count on to have at least one case ready whenever the latest smartphone arrives in stores. It's been that way for several years and in the case of Apple's latest iPhone, it was no different. Many would argue that the iPhone is the single handset that was responsible for making the company an overnight success so it only makes sense that they'd be prepared for whatever Apple releases.

Within weeks of Tim Cook and company launching the iPhone 5 last September, I had two different OtterBox cases arrive at my doorstep for evaluation. OtterBox has traditionally sent over retail boxed versions of their cases for evaluation but this time around, we received a special "complementary sample" box that contained two different cases. It's worth pointing out that the actual cases are identical to what you'd buy at your local store - the only difference here is the packaging.

Inside the slide-out box was a Defender Series case in gray and white, otherwise known as Glacier, and a matching Commuter Series case. If white and grey aren't your two favorite color combinations, OtterBox has you covered with multiple different color combinations in the Defender Series and seven different flavors if you prefer the Commuter Series, according to the insert that shipped with our samples.

We will start with the Commuter Series first before checking out the beefier Defender Series. Continue ahead as we take a closer look at the first of these two iPhone 5 cases from OtterBox.

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