OtterBox Commuter Case for HTC EVO 4g
Author: Josh Maronde
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-01-2010
Provided by: OtterBox

New phones are seemingly released on a daily basis and making a decision about which mobile phone to get is not always easy. Choosing the right protection for your phone can be as equally difficult. Knowing which case manufacturers want to protect your expensive communication device and which just want a piece of the over 26 billion dollar phone accessory pie can save your phone's life and save you some money in the long run.

OtterBox is one of the handful of case providers that isn't just in it for your money and the average consumer seems to be catching on to this fact. They have been making phone and other protective cases since before it was cool. Each time a highly anticipated phone is released, the OtterBox FaceBook page gets hammered with posts asking when a case will be available. Unfortunately, OtterBox is not always able to have cases available on the release date for every new mobile phone that comes out. Such was the case with Sprint's flagship HTC Evo 4G phone.

Thankfully, the HTC EVO can now be protected with either the OtterBox Defender, Commuter or Impact series of cases. Each series offers varying levels of protection starting with the Impact series. The Impact series offers just a silicone skin and screen protector to protect your device from minor impacts with specially designed inner-coring to dissipate G-forces away from the device. The Commuter series builds upon the Impact series' protection by adding a low profile high-quality polycarbonate outer shell for even more security. The Defender series (coming soon) provides larger polycarbonate and silicone shells and offers the most safety for the phone, although in a bulkier format.

Come along as I look closer at the OtterBox Commuter series (HTC4-EVO4G-20-C4OTR_A) for Sprint's HTC Evo 4G.

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