Zibra Open It! Package Opener
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-25-2008
Provided by: Zibra, LLC
Using the Open It!/Conclusions

I started looking for stuff to cut with the Open It! I really didn't have anything that needed cutting. Actually, while I was at work, my grandson used it to open a hermetically sealed tank for a paintball gun. By the time I had gotten home, he and the package were out, and he tossed the package at a friend's house. He said that it worked fine, but sorry, no photos. So I started cutting on the package that the Open It! was packaged in. It cut through the plastic like it was nothing. The short blades made it pretty easy to cut around a curve.

The blades are quite sharp; they easily made clean cuts in paper and thick cardboard.

The more I thought about it, the more things I began using the tool for. The biggie was zip ties. Yes, the two zip ties in the photos are small, but I often need to cut heavy zip ties, especially in vehicles. The Open It! will make short work of the heaviest nylon zip ties.

As I was trying to think of something to use the screwdriver for, the UPS guy delivers a package, and in that package is a 2 gig kit of memory I ordered for my wife's laptop. Thankfully I didn't have to dig around to find my tiny Phillips head, the Open It! worked just fine.

What else can I say about the Zibra Open It! cutter? It does its job well, doing a lot of cutting jobs better than scissors. The orange color makes it easy to find if you keep your stuff as cluttered as I do. It also serves as a tiny screwdriver, and has a handy little utility blade. If you don't like the orange color, it also comes in mocha.

I Googled around and found some user reviews for it. One review said that it was difficult to use if you have especially poor hand strength. The user also said that she had accidentally opened the blade into her palm twice. What she said may have been true, but I let my 7-year-old grandson use it to cut something, and he had no problem, except that the tool was a little large for his hand. As far as opening the blade, I could not figure out why she was holding the tool in such a way as to accidentally open the blade. The tool had to have been closed with her holding it as if she were attempting to throw it underhanded like a knife. There is no reason whatsoever to hold it that way. Unless a person has incredibly large hands and a double-jointed thumb, there is no way to accidentally open the blade into your palm while using it the way that it was intended to be used.

The Open It! is available directly from Zibra for $11.99 USD. It is also available at Amazon and Walgreens Drugs, so it is obviously widely available.

The Zibra Open It! earns the OCIA.net Seal of Approval.

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