Zibra Open It! Package Opener
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-25-2008
Provided by: Zibra, LLC
A Closer Look

The design of the Open It! is based on diagonal cutters, better known to people not into electronics as wire cutters, wire snippers or wire clippers. They are 8.5 from the tips of the blades to the end of the longest handle. The handles are made of high impact plastic; the darker edges are a rubberized non-slip material.

You may or may not like the orange color. Personally, I really like the color... they will be harder to misplace in a drawer full of tools, or on my desk, which often has a few inches of stuff piled on it.

The cutter is spring-loaded, so they are easy and comfortable to use. They fit comfortably in the hand, and the non-slip surface makes it pretty unlikely you'd drop them.

The Open It! also has a couple of other on-board gadgets. The first is a retractable utility blade. To use the blade, close the handles, and secure them with the lock. Push the safety lock in, slide the blade forward, and cut whatever you need. The blade is spring loaded and does not lock open, which is probably a good idea.

Located in the other handle is a small fold-out screwdriver. There is a Phillips head and a flat head. Just flip the screwdriver out, and lock the handles together.

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