AutumnWave OnAir GT USB HDTV Tuner
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 02-07-2008
Provided by: AutumnWave
Installation and Options

Installation of the OnAir GT is relatively simple. Just pop in the installation disc, select your device from the three listed in the pop-up box, then proceed to install the driver, HDTV program and nVidia Pure Decoder. For the decoder, you will need to use the license keys on the back of the CD sleeve that the disc came in. Once this is all done, you can connect the OnAir GT using the included USB cable. You will be prompted to search for drivers. After this, you are all done and ready to use the OnAir GT.

Before I go into usage, I want to take a moment and cover the options menu and overall layout of the OnAir GT program.

As you can see, there are a slew of options that you can take advantage of to customize the OnAir GT player to suit your needs. I won't bore you with going over everything, as it is all pretty self-explanatory from the screen shots.

The majority of the options are also available by simply right-clicking in the screen area. One option that I want to cover quickly is the Signal Viewer, which shows the strength of your digital signal (both OTA and Cable) in dB. The stronger the signal, the higher the number will be. More on this in just a bit.

That pretty much covers installation. Next up, usage...

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