AutumnWave OnAir Creator HDTV Tuner
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 04-08-2008
Provided by: AutumnWave
First Look

The contents of the retail box are packaged nicely in a double-sided brown cardboard box. From left to right, we have the OnAir Creator unit, power adapter, two AAA batteries, driver / software / user manual disc, remote control, USB cable and stand.

The included media remote looks much like a regular TV remote, complete with a full number pad, audio and channel buttons as well as media buttons for the PVR functionality. There are also eight additional buttons, labeled F1 - F8, which can be programmed individually to perform a number of different functions. The remote can also be used to control other programs on your PC, such as Winamp and Windows Media Player, just to name a few.

Here we have the OnAir Creator. The unit itself looks somewhat like a small external hard drive, but not as thick. The front panel has two LEDs (one to indicate power, the other to indicate a weak signal) as well as the remote sensor.

Around back, we find all of the connectors. From left to right, we have a coaxial cable connection, USB port, S-Video port, a set of RCA ports and a power connector. Since the OnAir Creator has a hardware MPEG2 encoder chip (5th-generation LG Electronics tuner/demodulator), it requires external power. The OnAir GT used a software encoder and thus, was able to pull power directly from a USB port.

There are several slotted ventilation holes on the bottom of the Creator as well a sticker with the distributor, product type, product code and activation key (blurred out above). These are needed when installing the included software / drivers.

Here we have the Creator sitting vertically using the included stand. You can use the stand to save some desk space, or simply lay it flat on your desk.

Installation is just ahead...

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