OCZ ZX Series 850W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-27-2011
Provided by: OCZ Technology
A Closer Look

The OCZ ZX 850W is outfitted with a temperature controlled 140mm fan and offers a single large 70A +12V rail. Dimensions are slightly elongated at 175mm L x 150mm W x 86mm H. With up to 850W of continuous power, the ZX 850W should be capable of handling dual video cards of any caliber that the cabling can support. Whereas most 750W class power supplies offer only 2x8pin and 2x6pin PCI-E power, the ZX 850W has 4x8pin.

The ZX 850W specification label has been applied slightly off-kilter, which looks a bit tacky on a high end power supply. The UL File Number E243823 points to OCZ as the manufacturer, however the Ecos ID 1987.1 as reported by 80Plus.org indicates this unit is identical to the Sparkle Computer SCC-850AF and Diablotek PDAX-850GW. In our Sparkle Gold 1250W review we revealed that the OEM manufacturer is Great Wall Shenzhen China.

The fan used is a Yate Loon D14BH-12 which spins up to 2800RPM, producing 140CFM and 48.5dB at that speed. Thankfully it is temperature controlled and runs much quieter than that most of the time. Comparing the interior layout of the ZX 850W and design of the components lends further confirmation that this unit is identical to the Sparkle/Diablotek models indicated above.

Let's get the OCZ ZX 850W installed and perform some tests.

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