OCZ ZX Series 850W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-27-2011
Provided by: OCZ Technology

The ZX 850W comes with power cord, Velcro ties, user manual, thumb screws, a storage bag for all the modular cables and 80Plus Gold certificate. All of the modular cables have black mesh wrap with heatshrink-covered ends and feature different connector types and colors to distinguish which gets plugged in where on the back of the power supply.

It would be nice if OCZ made one of the EPS power cables longer than the other for those with full tower cases to use without an extension. All of the cables are only one of two different lengths, with the ATX, CPU/EPS and PCI-E being shorter than the SATA and Peripheral cables.

The main 20+4pin ATX has a wide heatshrink wrap at the end where it plugs into the motherboard covering the inline capacitors underneath. The two halves don't connect together but there are tabs to hold the smaller section in place. The two 4+4pin EPS cables attach via a sliding rail, however this makes it difficult to get them separated because there is not enough slack in the wire to slide them apart.

The four PCI-E cables all use a 6+2pin configuration and have gray colored connectors on the power supply end to differentiate them from the 8pin EPS sockets. Tabs are used to hold the smaller sections in place. For accessories there are four SATA cables with a total of 12 connections possible, and three peripheral cables with up to nine Molex and one Floppy connector. Note that although there are seven of these cables in all, only five can be connected to the power supply at any time.

Continue as we take a closer look at the power supply itself.

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