OCZ Technology ZS Series 750w Power Supply
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 10-24-2011
Provided by: OCZ Technology

OCZ has a nice and simple power supply in the ZS series. There aren't any surprises and not too many bells and whistles either; it's exactly what you'd expect from a value-minded offering.

The chassis is solid black all around with accent stickers on both sides. There are no modular cables which means you will need a place to store all of the excess wires in your case. That is, if you are concerned with aesthetics and airflow. Additionally, there are plenty of connectors to go around and there is even support for multiple video cards in SLI or CrossFireX. The main ATX power connector is backwards-compatible with 20-pin motherboards should you need this unit to replace a dead power supply in an older system.

The 80 Plus Bronze certification is about average for this price point. You will lose a little efficiency that you'd find in Silver and Gold units but then again, the price here reflects that.

If a hardwired power supply isn't for you, OCZ has their new ZT modular series that just came out that might be more up your alley. We will have a review on this new power supply in the near future.

The 135mm cooling fan inside this power supply is very quiet. I was never able to hear it over the other system fans in my test system, a computer that's already really quiet.

During our limited testing, the power supply only fluctuated just a little bit under load on the 12v line - still well within spec.

My only real complaint with this power supply is the cable system. I wish OCZ had used thicker mesh to help cover the cables as you can see right through the installed mesh. Furthermore, the cables between the Molex and SATA connectors are totally bare.

The OCZ ZS 750w power supply is priced at $99 at Newegg but if you act soon, there's a $20 rebate available that puts the total cost of ownership down to $79.99 with free shipping.

OCIA.net has awarded the OCZ ZS Series 750w power supply or Gold Seal of Approval!

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