OCZ Technology ZS Series 750w Power Supply
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 10-24-2011
Provided by: OCZ Technology

Today we will be looking at OCZ's current budget power supply, the ZS series 750w PSU. We got our first glimpse of this unit way back at CES 2011 when we toured OCZ's upcoming product line for this year. The ZS series features a single 12v rail construction and a modest 80 Plus Bronze certification. OCZ sent over the 750w unit but you can also elect for less powerful 550w and 650w flavors should your hardware not require as much juice.

The ZS unit arrived in a black retail box with blue (or is that purple) accents. OCZ's three year warranty claim and the 80 Plus Bronze certification logos can be found on the front as well as a few key features. More features are listed on the reverse as well as another large photo of the power supply within. Below is a complete list of features and specifications, borrowed from OCZ's website.

In addition to the single rail design, OCZ has hardwired all of the cables directly to the power supply. Debate continues to rage on about the pros and cons of modular power supplies. I personally prefer modular units as they offer more flexibility during installation and with cable management but I also understand the concerns of adding in an additional "break" in the line. I've never had an issue with a modular unit, but then again it's feasible that such a system could lead to issues like instability or something worse.

Let's get things started by checking out the package contents and getting a closer look at OCZ's ZS series power supply.

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