OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-20-2008
Provided by: OCZ Technology
Testing and Conclusions

MSI X38 Platinum (BIOS 1.3)
intel Core2 Quad Q6600
VisionTek Radeon HD3870
Aeneon 2x1GB DDR3-1333 8-8-8-15, 1.5V
Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic : Logitech X-530
WD 74GB Raptor (10K), WD 500GB CaviarSE16 (7.2K)
PC Power & Cooling Silencer Quad 750W Crossfire Edition
Lite-On 20x DVD±R/W SATA
Lian-Li PC-A17

CPU temperatures were taken using Rivatuner with the C2D plugin, which returns the same temperatures as CoreTemp. Idle and load situations were measured with a blank Windows desktop as the idle scenario, and an instance of the Folding@Home SMP client running on the CPU to create a nice full load scenario. The door of the case was closed for all testing, and all fans were on high (including 1x120mm intake, 1x120mm rear exhaust, and 1x140mm ceiling exhaust). All temperatures were let to stabilize for 30 minutes before being read. For all testing, Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal paste was used. For comparison, tests on the CoolIT Eliminator are included.

At stock, the Vendetta 2 hangs right in with the CoolIT Eliminator, which usually blows other air coolers out of the water (pun not intended). These results are very promising.

Generally, when we crank up the voltage on the CPU, the air coolers fall even farther behind. The Vendetta 2, however, is doing just as well as, if not better than, this other cooler. This cooler boasts some truly impressive results.


The OCZ Vendetta 2 is a great cooler. While other, more experienced and well-known companies have been piling on weight, heat pipes, fans, and back plates, OCZ chose to construct a light, functional cooler that does not even require motherboard removal. On top of that, it performs better than any other cooler I've used, including high-end coolers from the most respected companies like Cooler Master, Tuniq, and Noctua.

Companies tend to lie about their fan specifications, saying that it pushes more air than it does and runs quieter than it does. OCZ, however, provided a dead silent fan with the Vendetta 2, and when I replaced it with other, advertised to be more powerful, fans, performance was hardly impacted. An 80+CFM fan at only 31dBA is a truly impressive feat, and it is surprising OCZ doesn't sell these fans independent of the cooler.

My complaints with the Vendetta 2 are few and small. The push-pin installation design isn't the best, and gives just the same troubles as all other push-pin coolers. It is much preferable, though, to back plates and motherboard removal. Heat shrink on the cable sleeving also would have been nice, because the rubber sleeve slides back and forth along the wire.

All in all, I was extremely impressed with the OCZ Vendetta 2, and it is easily the best air cooler I have ever tested. The Vendetta 2 earns the OCIA.net Seal of Approval.

+ Great cooling
+ Easy installation
+ Silent
+ Lightweight
+ Did I mention it cools well?

- Push-pins aren't the best
- Lazy cable sleeving on the fan

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