OCZ Throttle eSATA Drive 8GB
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-10-2009
Provided by: OCZ Technology
Usage and Conclusions

An eSATA thumb drive like the OCZ Throttle has been long overdue. With the demand for high-speed flash drives growing so much over the past two years, the move to eSATA seems to be a very logical one that will be met well by consumers.

As an all around product, the Throttle is a pleasure to use. While it isn't the smallest drive on the market, it's definitely not too big to be less mobile than any other thumb-drive. Also, because the USB connection is by cable, there will be no sort of conflict with the Throttle blocking other ports. Conflicts would be naught with eSATA ports as well because most cases only have one eSATA port, and thumb-drives are rarely used at the back of cases. Because it is made out of plastic, though, it is very lightweight and may be easily lost; you might not feel it if it dropped out of your pocket, etc.

A common problem among OCZ thumb drives is that their caps don't fit on to the rear end of the drive. The Throttle is no exception to this rule. Not only does the cap have no home on the drive, but there is also no sort of lanyard or other accessory to keep better track of the drive.

On the performance front, the read speeds from the Throttle are very impressive. At more than 93MB/s for maximum read speeds over eSATA, the Throttle provides a performance advantage that no USB drive can match. While write speeds aren't phenomenal, they are still decent for a performance thumb-drive. Furthermore, when using a thumb-drive, or any drive in particular, you will always read data at least as much as much as you write it, which gives reading performance more priority to me.

The largest downfall of the Throttle actually cannot be blamed on the Throttle. The most inconvenient part of using the Throttle was having to plug in both USB and eSATA ports when using eSATA. Neither my test rig, nor any other computer I have used, runs powered eSATA ports, which means that all of these computers require both USB and eSATA connection to use the eSATA feature of the drive.

As of writing, the OCZ Throttle can be found at a popular online reseller for just under $30.00 USD.

For its outstanding read performance and long-awaited eSATA features, the OCZ Throttle receives the OCIA.net Seal of Approval.

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