OCZ RevoDrive 3 PCI-Express SSD
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 12-05-2011
Provided by: OCZ Technology

It's hard to open an OCZ Technology solid state drive review without sounding like a broken record. A company that climbed the proverbial tech ladder behind a successful DRAM line has since pioneered the solid state drive campaign. We looked at our first OCZ SSD, the Solid Series, in 2009 and have been fed a steady diet of new flash storage ever since. A solid state drive is the single best overall upgrade for a computer and OCZ clearly shares my opinion. In fact, they discontinued their entire DRAM product line earlier this year to focus more on this emerging market.

I often find myself concluding that each new OCZ SSD I look at is the fastest yet and the product we are looking at today certainly has the same potential. OCZ's RevoDrive 3 PCI-Express solid state drive is classified as a workstation-level product, ahead of the original RevoDrive and RevoDrive X2, both of which were incredibly fast for their time.

The 240GB sample that we have features blistering performance rated at up to 1000MB/s read and 900MB/s write with 130,000 IOPS. This is 260MB/s read and 180MB/s write faster than the RevoDrive X2, a card that included four SandForce controllers to obtain such speeds. The RevoDrive 3 is able to trump those numbers with only two controllers thanks to new advances across the board.

Continue ahead as we take a closer look at OCZ's RevoDrive 3 PCI-Express solid state drive.

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