OCZ Reaper HPC PC3-10666 2GB Kit
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-12-2008
Provided by: OCZ Technology

Here at OCIA.net, we've reviewed an array of OCZ products, including flash drives and a plethora of different types of OCZ memory. Indeed, OCZ does have a huge selection of memory, from two different heat-pipe cooled series to water cooling capable RAM, even to their various flavors of “regular” memory, with XTC (eXtreme Thermal Convection) heatspreaders. In almost all of these reviews, we have been impressed with the quality of their products.

With the semi-recent arrival of DDR3 memory, OCZ has had the chance to expand on a whole new line of products. Already, they have the full series available on their website: Reaper, ReaperX, Platinum, Gold, Titanium… the list goes on. Today, we have for review the 2x 1GB OCZ Reaper HPC PC3-10666 memory kit, rated at 1333MHz.

This is OCIA.net's first try with OCZ's DDR3 memory. We tried out the DDR2 Reaper series in June of last year, and for those that don't remember, or don't otherwise know, there's something special about the way OCZ has laid out this memory. The following diagram is from the OCZ website:

OCZ's Reaper memory is outfitted with a standard aluminum heatsink. It's also attached to a heatpipe, which transfers more heat to an extended heatsink above the RAM. Hence, the HPC in the product name, which stands for HeatPipe Conduit. In our experience, this design has turned out to be very efficient and effective. Indeed, the DDR2-800 kit earned the OCIA.net Seal of Approval. But, will this kit stand out like previous OCZ products, or flop? Continue as we find out…

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