OCZ Platinum XTE PC3-16000 4GB Dual Channel Kit
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-09-2011
Provided by: OCZ Technology

In each of the following tests, we will be comparing 3.2GHz CPU and DDR3-1600 8-7-7 at 2000NB and 2800NB, with 3.19GHz CPU and DDR3-1824 9-11-11 at 2052NB and 2736NB.

Using AIDA64, the successor to Everest, we ran the OCZ Platinum through some memory tests. In the Read test, the memory scored 8918 and 10444 MB/s at DDR3-1600, and 8829 and 10022 MB/s at DDR3-1824. In this test it appears lower timings trump faster speed by a small amount, and overclocking the processor Northbridge or IMC frequency increases bandwidth significantly.

In comparison the AIDA64 Write test indicates a mixed result, rating the DDR3-1600 at 6969 and 9080 MB/s, while the DDR3-1824 scored 7044 and 8892 MB/s. The lower memory speed and timing settings performed worse at stock NB speed, but significantly better at a higher NB speed. Keep in mind that although I attempted to keep the NB speeds close, due to overclocking we are comparing 2000 to 2052 and 2800 to 2736 here. Taking the NB speeds into account, those Write results coincide precisely with the NB setting.

The Copy test puts the DDR3-1600 at 10827 and 13109 MB/s, while the DDR3-1824 lands 11119 and 13246 MB/s. Here the faster memory speed seems to perform better than lower timings under all conditions.

Finally in the Latency test, the DDR3-1600 rates at 44.6 and 42.6 ns, falling slightly behind the DDR3-1824 at 44.0 and 42.2 ns. This is just the opposite of what I would have expected, that lower timings would equate to lower latency, but it appears this is not the case here.

Next let's look at some SiSoft Sandra and SuperPi tests.

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