OCZ Neutrino 10in DIY Netbook
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-07-2009
Provided by: OCZ Technology

Because the only hardware components you will install are the HDD and the RAM, installation is very easy and fast. OCZ set up a convenient access panel on the bottom of the Neutrino's case. After removing six very small screws, you get a nice view of the inside of the case. You might notice that the access panel has a quick-access flap along its lower edge—this provides access to the SIM card slot, which is currently unsupported by OCZ. The flap on my review sample was taped shut, but it is clearly meant for easy access to install a SIM card into the machine and access mobile broadband.

The memory slot has very clear and easy access, and installation is as simple as any notebook memory upgrade. Simply slide in at an angle, and push down. There is only one exposed memory slot, so, in order to run 2GB, you will need a 1x2GB memory kit (stick).

The metal hard-drive cage slides out with the removal of two more screws, and then your hard-drive of choice (OCZ Apex 120GB pictured) can be secured with four screws. When you are all set, the cage clicks back into place as the SATA ports engage, and then you can secure it with those same two initial screws.

Some people have reported receiving small tool-kits with their Neutrinos, which have screwdrivers that will fit the Neutrino's small screws. If you do not receive these screwdrivers, you will need a very small screwdriver. I used a jeweler's screwdriver, but one from an eyeglasses kit will do as well.

Testing and usage just ahead, followed by some conclusions.

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