OCZ 8GB Mega-Kart USB2 Drive
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-18-2006
Provided by: OCZ Technology
First Look

The Mega-Kart comes in the typical heat-sealed clear plastic pack to show off the contents.

The package contains a simple color insert that details the features of the product on the back.

Among the list of features OCZ touts the extra large capacity and slim portable design of the Mega-Kart with 8GB and 16GB versions available.

OCZ claims the Mega-Kart is small enough to fit in a wallet, and indeed it has the same length and width as a typical credit card.

The Mega-Kart is thicker however, about the same as 3 standard-sized cards, and has a slight bulge in one corner where the USB connector is housed. If you've ever carried one of those electronic door lock key-cards, this is very similar in size and shape.

The USB connector snaps out of the back of the card and is attached by a very short length of cable.

The cable allows for greater flexibility when it comes to plugging the Mega-Kart into your computer. A single amber-colored LED (too dim to be seen with the camera flash) lights when the card is plugged in and blinks to indicate read/write activity.

Continue on to benchmarks and testing.

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