OCZ Freeze Thermal Compound
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-20-2007
Provided by: OCZ
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The OCZ Freeze comes in a tube that is relatively short and fat, although it carries only three grams of compound, slightly less than the three and a half grams from competing products from Arctic Silver and Tuniq. The cap is a bit tight getting off but other than that the tube is easily held and applied by one hand.

As I deposited a hefty quantity of paste onto the CPU, my initial thought was that this stuff looked very similar to the Tuniq TX-2. In fact, as I compare the two directly, they are pretty much the same color and nearly the same consistency, with the OCZ Freeze being slightly softer right out of the tube. The TX-2 must be worked with for a minute or two before it begins to loosen up at which point it is difficult to tell the two compounds apart.

In addition to the thickness of the paste, the OCZ Freeze is also very similar to TX-2 in that it can be difficult to spread. It tends to stick to itself more readily than other surfaces such as the IHS. To apply it I end up using a dabbing method to spread it out over the surface of the chip. And just like TX-2 it cleans up more easily than other compounds, in most cases it can be wiped off using a dry cloth without the need for any solvents.

Next up, testing and conclusion.

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