OCZ Alchemy Elixir Gaming Keyboard
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-02-2008
Provided by: OCZ

The Alchemy Elixir ships covered by plastic in an unpadded cardboard box. Nestled inside is the keyboard, quick guide, installation CD and a few extra keys. OCZ has included spares for the shift, space, W A S D and arrow keys. Since these are the ones most often used in gaming, they're the ones more likely to break or become worn from heavy use. The quick guide is just that, a single sheet of installation instructions for the software and a diagram showing the non-standard keys and their use.

Rather than placing the special funtion keys along the top of the keyboard, OCZ has positioned them along the sides. On the left we have the internet keys, including browser, email, home, favorites, back, forward and refresh, as well as the selectable standard/gaming mode switch. On the right are the multimedia control keys, such as play/pause, forward, reverse, volume up/down and mute. There are also a total of ten blue programmable macro keys, five on each side. Astute viewers will note we seem to have a mis-placed R2 macro key instead of an L2 on the left side of the keyboard. Whoops, OCZ.

The Elixir is slightly on the thin side, with not much height to the keys. They tend to sit down in the tray more so than a standard keyboard. There is a leather-grained wrist wrest along the bottom, although it's just molded plastic and not very wide. It's more of a heel rest for your palm. The USB cord is about six feet long which is typical for most OEM boards, although what I would consider a bit on the short side for an enthusiast keyboard. There appear to be some knock-outs at the front of the Elixir, possibly for audio and USB connections.

The bottom of the Elixir is relatively featureless. There are non-slip rubber grips and two very small flip-out pedestal feet, which don't offer much height/angle adjustment. There's also a groove molded into the plastic, presumably for the cord to be routed in for cable management out either side, however it is too narrow, or the cord is too thick, and simply won't fit.

Next up, installation and use.

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